Officially Titled

From top to bottom: “A Snowflake in Spring”, by celerysticks; “r9kElsa is Suffering”, by anonelsa; “You Are”, by Pmrising; and bloopers courtesy of my dog who wanted to spend time with me but not be held or in pictures.

I haven’t actually read “You Are” so if anyone has suggestions for poses, (Actually for any of them) I will take them and try and do them over the summer, which starts in roughly 3 weeks. I don’t have an Anna and I don’t plan on spending any more money on this, only if there is something in the thrift shop or I find something I would wear anyway. So please keep these things in mind.

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    Wow okay softball fic cosplay super rad Thanks girlie :)
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    Oh good, I’m glad. I’ve only skimmed the first chapter and seen stuff on tumblr so I’m glad the apple juice mixed with...
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