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"Every show, the leading lady has a chance to, plunk herself down on a tree trunk some where and she’ll sing about what she dreams about. And she sings ‘This is what I want’ and it’s called the girl’s ‘I want song’"

 -Howard Ashman

And this is found in the Broadway musicals too. Howard knew this that’s why he made sure “Part of Your World” got into The Little Mermaid.

This also plays into what I believe is going on with Disney right now. The first four gifs are from a time known as the Disney Renaissance, and they are the biggest movies of that time. That sun set with The Lion King and even though Disney continued to produce loved movies (Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan etc.) the Renaissance clearly ended with The Lion King

I, however, believe that Disney is in the middle of its second Renaissance, or a CGI Renaissance, that started with Tangled (making that akin to The Little Mermaid) and is continuing with Frozen (this Renaissance’s Beauty and the Beast). Which means, if history is to repeat itself as it so often does, we can expect at least two more amazing movies from Disney in the near future.

Not my gifs credit given in captions.

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